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"Without LiveMaths I would have definitely failed AS Level Maths. I would recommend LiveMaths to anyone taking A Level Maths as it is so easy to learn from and as long as you are willing to put time in to do it, it really will do you good!" (LM)

"As I was attempting to pick up Further Maths in my A2 year, I had one year to do nine new maths modules and teach myself four of them. Livemaths helped immeasurably in doing this. Any requests for past papers or further maths syllabus videos were promptly worked on and added. I watched and worked alongside most of the the videos and then just did as many past papers as I could manage. I'm proud of what I achieved: I got full marks in C3, M2, M3 and FP1 and managed a 1162/1200 UMS total. Livemaths explains the topics in a way that makes them that makes them seem simple and achievable and I can not recommend the site enough. " (JB)

" I am very pleased to inform you LiveMaths has helped me achieve a good grade. I kept on searching a tutor for M3, but there werent many people teaching it. When I got to meet a few, they were quite expensive. But its all about the website LIVE MATHS. AS FURTHER MATHS B M3 86/100 FP1 70/100 FP2 76/100 VERY HAPPY WITH MY GRADE " (AF)

" This year I did my AS Mathematics as an evening class, which means getting only 2 hours of teaching a week, 7-9pm when its hard to concentrate at the end of a busy day. I missed a lot of classes and was ready to give up altogether when I found Livemaths. It was like having a tutor giving lessons in my own home, except I could stop him to make notes and not miss anything while I wrote...then I could replay each lesson as and when I wanted to. My sons have both taken GCSE maths this year and I signed them up for Livemaths. They think revision 'is for wimps' but even they didn't mind this effortless form of revising. My AS result was a B...which takes me from giving up to top of my class!!! I'll be relying on it next year for my A2. Thanks to all at Livemaths, " (JB)

"I found the step by step process in the Further Maths so clear and helpful. Livemaths provided me with the support that I needed, and moreso the confidence to go into my exams knowing that I had a fighting chance to get the Grade A that I needed to secure my Uni place. The workthrough exam papers were incredibly helpful and it was clear to see where maximum marks could be obtained and this proved to be valuable on the actual examination day. I gained an FP1 82/100, FP2 94/100, FP3 95/100, Mechanics 2 95/100, M3 89/100 and S2 80/100. This means that I have now secured my place at LSE. " (GJ)

"Thank you for your help with maths AS, I managed a C in C1, D in C2 and a C in S1, averaging a D overall. Considering my only teaching was from your site (and one text book!) I think those results are pretty good really. I have found the website very accessible and helpful, teaching in a thorough manner which is not patronising. I will be continuing to use LiveMaths for my resits and A2 studies." (JR)

"I found live maths very helpful. I'm only in year 11 and took the C1 exam early. with the help of live maths I achieved full marks (100%) and am currently using it for C2 help." (PS)

"I only found LiveMaths a few weeks before my exams and I donĀ“t know what i would have done without it!It helped me to get a B overall for my Maths (with statistics) Alevel. The separate sections were really useful for going over particular areas of maths which I found hard, my only problem was that I didnt have enough time to go through everything! Also the summaries of sections were a good quick reminder of what came up in particular topics and useful to refresh my memory of what I needed to know. I also thought this was a great way to revise" (EL)

" I have just completed a Foundation year at Cardiff university, its unbelievable as at GCSE level i had a C and missed out all algebra etc (about last 3 pages) I was struggling with the maths on the foundation year untill i discovered this website. I think it was worth a pound for every penny i paid! i really do! Thankyou so much for your help and extremely fast responses. You helped me more in one night than iv'e ever had with maths tuition. I will definately be paying for another year even if its just to keep it fresh in my mind!" (CC)

"I took AS Maths a year early, and used LiveMaths to actually understand the work. It helped SO much, and in the end I got an A with over 90% in each module, and got the best mark in my class. We had to rush through work really quickly, but on LiveMaths I just replayed the videos as many times as I liked and it was really simple. Also, I liked how it gave answers to exam paper questions by telling you how to work it out. I will definitely be using it this year for the A Level, it's worth the money." (RM)

"I am a teacher and find the site very useful for planning purposes. In some of my lessons I project relevant examples to the class. The students are always engaged with the specific methods that are used by livemaths." (CP)

"Livemaths has been fantastic, it has helped me secure an A in Maths, without going to any classes (not recommended!)." (TP)

"thanks, this site helped me a lot and in my AS grades i received A in maths and A in furthermaths! SO thanks a lot " (AP)

"I just thought I might leave some feedback on how FANTASTIC THIS SITE IS!! I was struggling SO MUCH in maths A level..I was getting E's on my homework but after joining maths live I've started scoring A's =D!! Even my teachers are surprised because they themselves told me that I would completely fail my maths A level... but BOY HAVE their heads turned :D Thanks for EVERYTHING!! " (AI)

"This site is amazing and it is helping me enormously with my A-Level maths revision. I don't know what I would do without it" (DH)

"I chose the site because i was placed into an 'express' set, due to a clash of subjects in my timetable. The rest of the set had taken additional maths the year before so they already had a much better knowledge of maths whereas i did not. Thanks to this site not only have i managed to keep up with the rest of the class but i have managed to excel to the top." (BT)

"As a private student I didn't have anything except a textbook and LiveMaths and I found LiveMaths to be of enormous benefit. The worked examples are extremely useful because you actually get to see the answer "evolve" on the screen, which helps a great deal when you find yourself having to repeat the process in an exam situation. Using LiveMaths I managed to get an average of 92% on my papers, including 98% on C1. Who needs teachers? " (JR)

"First of all I would like to thank you for setting up this website! I found the videos clear and easy to use, also loading very fast. I used Introducing Pure Mathematics by Robery Smedley and Garry Wiseman which I found to be absolutely brilliant. Using this along with your site which explained things I found difficult to understand in ways a book can't, I managed to achieve the A I needed. The modules I took and the marks I received were, C1 90, C2 96, C3 86, C4 77, S1 99 and M1 89. " (FC)

"I thought using videos, and someone talking would be a lot easier to focus on, which it was. The site has helped me enormously and after studying for only 3.5 months I got a 96% average in C1, M1 and S1. " (DB)

"I would just like to say have useful LiveMaths was for me, after having disappointing results in the previous exams, i had tried a tutor and that just had not worked, so i tried live maths. My college predicted me a C in maths due to never achieving more then a low B in any of the modules. I needed at least a B to get into my Uni choice and so this meant retaking 4 out of the 6 modules and taking Core 4 for the first time this summer. I used livemaths everyday either to learn a new topic or as additional support. The exam papers were so useful and i think they will be even better next year as more will be available. Anyway when i received my results yesterday i was so pleased to see marks that never seemed possible a few months ago. Core 1: 96 Core 2: 94 Core 3: 70 Core 4: 81 S 1: 73 D1: 84 Overall an A in maths. Livemaths definitely help improve my confidence in maths that was so low and I finally achieved the grade that i knew i could. " (RS)

"I just got my grade. I managed an A. I'd like to thank you all for your help and support. Im sure I would'nt have managed this without all of you. Great work Guys! Thanks a lot once again." (SC)

"Livemaths helped me a lot. I.m a home educated student, and it helped me revise a lot for my C3 and C4 exams!" (PG)

"good clear examples; well done livemaths - find your programme useful for revision" (MB)

"I have had really good positive feedback from some of the boys and also their parents" (KJ)

"looked pretty good! lots of tutorials, past papers and examples." (ML)

"it is a powerful revision aid" (DH)

"I'd like to thank you and your entire team for doing such a great job. I would credit my understanding of binomial expansion and many such other topics to livemaths" (SC)

"My overall impression of the website and the content of the videos is really fantastic. It is great value for money" (SB)

"thank you for an invaluable tool" (LF)

"Excellent quality of teaching! Very pleased with it!" (PS)

"Your explanations were crystal clear and in depth. It is a very rare thing to find someone who can explain the concepts so clearly without taking for granted some important steps " (PA)

"very useful, extremely professional presentations that cover all the topics that are needed. It is worth every penny. Easy to use, a lot of exams, detailed exam papers that tell you how to solve the questions and don't just provide the answers" (RS)

"I think that the topics are covered with a good level of detail and I had no problems understanding any of the content. The key terms in each topic were underlined clearly and complex methods were broken down very well. Overall I think it is a great package and would recommend it to anyone taking A-level maths" (AF)